Australian Hearing Voices Establishment Project

The Chair of the MRF, Bruce Roberts, is currently the project leader of a Steering Committee, recently established to spearhead the development and creation of a “National Hearing Voices Organisation”, in Australia.

At present, there are a number of hearing voices state networks around Australia, along with other organisations (like MRF) whose primary role is to support people with lived experience of hearing voices.

The new “National Entity” will act as a “service provider” to these organisations to assist them in conducting their operational activities.

The Steering Committee is presently working on the development of a comprehensive project plan to deliver the project. It is envisaged that a draft of the project plan will be released in January 2017.

The intention is that the draft plan will be distributed to all ‘interested parties’ for comment and feedback before the plan is formalised.

A letter was sent to “interested parties’ in August 2016. Click Here to view the letter.

The MRF will provide regular updates and reports on this website, regarding the progress of the project.


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